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Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

Our extensive knowledge of construction costs and the workings of the construction industry, provide us with an excellent background to offer cost opinions in relation to building disputes.

ORB Project Management specialises in representing and assisting clients in Dispute Resolution, Expert Witness, Building Defects, Building Quality and Variation Valuations to achieve a fair and equitable outcome.

At ORB Project Management, we have experience in mediation and arbitration, often viable and preferable routes to settling disputes out of court.

During a Dispute Resolution process, it can be a requirement to obtain an Expert Witness Statement in order to provide an independent opinion on the matters at hand. Orb have the experience to provide such reports if required.


Witness Reports

ORB Project Management – Independent expert advice for property and construction disputes.

At ORB Project Management, we come from a wide range of backgrounds but they all command in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in the areas they specialise in.

We are credible, in-demand professionals who are confident in understanding and resolving often complex and detailed disputes.

Our experts work as a team to provide the very best level of service and pride themselves on delivering an excellent client experience.

If formal litigation proves necessary, we ensure that your Expert Witness Report is presented in the best possible way by focussing on the key points of the dispute and backing up potential points of contention with industry expertise.

ORB Project Management

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