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Cost Planning
& Estimation

The main function of cost planning is to create a realistic budget which can be used to move forward with development or to check for problems against an existing budget.

The cost control process enables ORB to provide clients with detailed and accurate information to assist them in decision making. ORB works with the QS team to ensure the accurate cost information is captured at the time when it is needed.

As the design proceeds, estimates for each design stage are revised with increasing levels of detail, to ensure that the design matches the budget, to help maximise cost-effectiveness without compromising functionality.

detailed & accurate

budget estimates

Whatever you need to build, ORB Property Consultants will provide a detailed and accurate budget estimate and cost planning service for your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of your project.

ORB will provide a full system of budget estimating and cost planning in order to control expenditure, ensure that the client receives better value-for-money in both design and construction, and that the project cost is kept within the agreed budget.

Effective cost planning will help to ensure that, once a realistic estimate is agreed between the parties, everything that follows is in accordance with it, from the successful contractor’s tender to the final project cost.

Constant monitoring means that the risk of overspending can be seen at an early stage and prompt action taken.

Specialists in

construction estimating

As specialists in construction estimating we offer accurate costings during all stages of the design and construct process.

An accurate cost plan, presented in a clear and informative format, allows for well-informed decisions to be made.

Proactively manage all modifications and additional provisions to allow for the most effective use of capital and identify whether or not funds are being applied in a logical way.

Cost control during the design process and throughout procurement and construction will ensure that the budget is maintained to completion.

We provide clients with accurate projections of construction cost, the best possible value for money and strategies to mitigate risk.

As with any investment process, it is of fundamental importance to gain the best estimate of your base cost in order to identify your true exposure to the market.

years of experience in

the construction industry

Ideally and for your peace of mind, this cost information should be identified prior to an ultimate commitment to the project.

At ORB Property Consultants we approach estimating in a systematic and thorough manner. Our years of experience in the construction industry enable us to anticipate areas of project cost that may not have been fully documented during the early stages of the project design.

As the design process progresses we are able to monitor the project budget and provide timely advice to our clients to ensure that the project meets its financial objectives.

  • Due diligence and feasibility
  • Estimating and cost planning
  • Whole of Life/Life-Cycle Cost Modelling

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